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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ain't giving up on love.

I'm only strong as the tables I dance on, the drinks I mix and the friends I roll with. But I can't bear to see tears rolling on my hommies' cheek. Putting a smile on people's face is like giving them sunshine for them to go out and play. Candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. I'm happy when I know that I'm part of the reason behind those beautiful smile. People often say that sometimes the person who always busy making everybody happy is the most lonely person. True or not, just be it. Don't ever feel like a lose or make people think its pathetic to be cheerful. Or faking it. Do not give up with life, just because you've lost one or two special person or you still have photos of hot actor/actress in your wallet and the last few text/calls you get were mostly form your mom for the past 3 years. Trust me being single doesn't mean you've failed on living as a normal human being. In life we'll fall in love, get hurt, being cheated, being dissapointed by the person you like and so on, but life gotta go on. It's never the end of the world to be alone. Dude, they are freaking 7 billion people on  earth, why ignore the 6 billion plus more just for 1 person? Life never taught us to look back what had happened, in fact what's behind us has their own story and it is being told to you so that you can make new plan. Sometime people want something to work so badly that they can't accept when it's just not going to happen. Don't pester on your life. It'll drive you crazy. Monster exist. The live in ordinary people . Sometimes, they will win. So don't let them get you. Breakdown is normal, just learn how to stand up on your feet back and be happy, no matter how lonely you are.

Smile, its the best accecories 

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