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Sunday, October 2, 2011

I'll be back when the time comes.

Morning people and have a nice Sunday. Just wanna tell you guys that I won't post anything after this. Not because I delete this blog. But I need a break and besides after this my brother will use my lappy. How sad. Nahhh, it's okay. It's easiest for me to focus on my study. Well, kalau ada lappy and the Internet connection, I won't study anything for my final exam's. So, I'll be back for awesome post and publish it for you guy's to read it. Mhm, I know my older post is a li'l bit immature. Well you know, with some of the fool craps. Eee, malunyaa. But, takkan lah nak delete kan older post tu. Cause when I read it, it will reminds me of something. And you toddles can read it if you want to. But don't laugh. I think after I'm active with the Twitter stuff, it proves my English a lot. And I admit that before this my English was a lil' bit broken even when I was in standard 1 and 2 I live in Singapore. Supposed to be my English tak broken. But, yes. It's broken when moved to Kuala Lumpur. So, here it is. Today is the last day I post something here. I don't know when will I post and publish it again. Saya akan kembali tak lama lagi. Awak tunggu kita tau. 

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