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Monday, April 2, 2012

Blow The Candle, and Hello April.

Assalamulaikum. Hello April. Nice to meet you again. Please be nice to me. Trough all the months, the month that I like the most is April. Today, I'm gonna blow my candle for the second time for my birthday this year. Thanks to all my girls, and the classmate for surprising me with the little cute celebration. Me loves you all way too much. I blow a single candle on a cute cupcakes. And I love the taste of the cake; Tiramisu. Only Allah can repay all your kindness and loyal as a friend towards me. Thank you. And thanks to those who wish me for my birthday. There is one person left that still didn't wish for my birthday. My Bias. And there's still a few more hours till my birthday end. Bias, whenever I'm about to blow the fire on the candle, I wish for you. I wish for you to come into my life and take me with you. Always, InsyaAllah.

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