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Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's 11.11.12

So here it is. The friendship had arrived on 12 am on 11.11.12. All the plans had been cancelled. Pity us. But still InsyaAllah, gonna replace with another date. Today, no photos of us. I managed to went out with my three girls while the rest can't joined us. We had our lunch at the subway, watched Istanbul Aku Datang movie, and shopping! I bought myself a black blouse like the bat. And I got a moustache necklace from Miersya for the friendship day. My two girls bought clothes and sandals. Had so much fun with them. But it maybe a lot of fun if my other girls could join us together. So today, for the special day for my girls and me, I would like to have a speech for them one by one.

Dear Syafiqah Razani,
  • We've been friends  around three years. I love the atmosphere between me and you. You understand me alot, giving me some good advice and I love when you have the same thoughts as mine. The air around you is full of bless. We manage to get along no matter what happen. Thank you for being there whenever I need you.

Dear Balqis Afiqah Syamira,
  • You. You are the best. We've been together trough thick and thin. Still remember the first day we became friends? I bet you do. I love you no matter how bad you treat me. If people ask me who is the funniest in the world, I would say you. You know how to light up my world with your silly jokes. I love you Balqis.

Dear Nur Dini Syahmina,
  • You are the annoying person in this whole wide world! You annoyed me with your presence. Your innocent looks is just so lame. But still, I love when we fought over silly things and automatically we both be just like the Tom and Jerry characters. You are just too way annoying, but I didn't say that I don't love you. 
Dear Edrialissa Neryna,
  • You know you really a quiet person. You should often talk and laugh. Don't be too afraid to say what you have to say. I'll be there for you, to listen to every piece of your words. No matter how bored your story, but I still listening. Try to smile and talk alot. Don't be shy. If you wanna know, I am more shy than you. Lastly, I really love the air that I take when I'm with you. 
Dear Dzarith Mierysa,
  • My pinky girl! Always single even though wanna have someone special like so bad. You know, you really irritate me when you poke me. As you know, I love when you really have the same taste like me in fashion. And I love it when you always ask my opinion about fashion and always praised me for being knowledge in fashion. I really appreciate it. Even though I seems like I'm not that good in my clothing, trust me. I know the latest update on fashion. 
Dear Edzureen Yani
  • I know when we gather around, you seems like you don't have so much to say. Maybe because you didn't suits yourself first with our thinking? Never mind, but still, I can't believe that I said this. It takes months for me to accept you as one of my bestfriend. But as the time goes by, I know how your attitude, your mood and yourself. I love to be friends with you. You are part of the family and we love you.
Dear Alia Azmi,
  • So annoying! Always missing in the group. Always missing when we go out. You little kid, you better stay with us. I know you're kinda a blurr and annoying person, but I love you from head to toe. Even though I've to tell you the whole story over and over again but still you didn't get it, it really gave me a challenge on how to be patient with someone like you. 

The thing is, let's have fun together forever. Don't leave, cause I demand all of you have to stay. Stay, cause I already said. Let's get married together. Let's introduce our daughter's and son's together. Let's show our husband together. May Allah give us strength to make this friendship last longer. I love all of you darlings. You are all my missing muffins!

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