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Monday, November 19, 2012

Rumour has it.

So, these story is about two young man that were having a conversation while waiting for their return to pay parking ticket at Johot Premium Outlets. It was a true story cause I was infront of them and they were standing right behind me. No lies.

Man 1: Ce kau tgk ni.
Man 2: Ni ke muka dia?
Man 1: Ye lah. Macam nenek en?
Man 2: Sikit lah.
Man 1: Yang ni lawa en?
Man 2: Muka macam Ji Ho.

*that Ji Ho named crossed my mind cause I can't heard it so clearly at the first time*

Man : Ha? Ji Ho?
Man 2: Ye Ji Hyo, Ji Hyo.
Man 1: Ji Ho? Siapa doh?

*then suddenly I heard Ji Hyo clearly from the second man. So something crossed my mind again. Is it Ji Hyo the girl in Running Man?*

Man 2: Ya Allah, yang dalam Running Man tu lah. Song Ji Hyo. Muka dia macam Song Ji Hyo.
Man 1: Oh--

And I quickly turned to them once the man 1 said "YANG DALAM RUNNING MAN TU LAH. SONG JI HYO" OMG! So when I turned around they just stopped speaking. It was silent then. Haha when my turn to pay, I looked at them and smile. And they smiled too! I'm a lil' but proud cause I found someone who watched Running Man!

Take a look at her natural beauty. Insecure accomplished. 

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