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Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Last Day.

Last day for holiday was fun. Even tho just for awhile, but still I have so much fun with my siblings and my dearest mother. Papa was not able to join cause well you know. Busy with the work. Got to settle down everything. Whatever it is, I am so satisfied with it.

Do you know what's this? 

The boys are playing this too!

Tell you what. This slide is very dangerous. It have three sharp corners and I got injured on my legs. 

Told ya it is big.

I love this slide. 

Vaining after playing the whole place. 

While heading for lunch. 

It is extremely cute isn't it? Especially me of course. 

At last, the activities was playing snooker. Actually I teman je while he played the snooker. 

So that's all for the holiday this year, maybe. Well, some you might think that I got the same clothes which I was wearing when I went to JPO. Well the only same was, the scarfs. The clothes was simply black an dI bought it just for few days. 

Night everybody. 

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