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Monday, December 10, 2012

A Vacation To Remember.

Last few weeks, one of my dream is to have a cool vacation with my girls. I would love to have a sleepover with them and getting far away from our family and take a break for a few days from the guardian. So, it came true even tho not all my girls could join. One of my girls, Dini invited all of us to have a vacation to Muar for the Sultan birthday occasion. So, my parents gave the greenlight and I was really happy! On the night when we arrived there, in Bandaraya Muar there were held some kind of celebration like the convivial and the kereta berhias thingy. It was fun then but we waited for it for so long! Trough all the craziness, the sweat pouring, the laugh and everything. It is very fun I tell you. Here's the video that we've recorded it. It's really a vacation to remember.

Nov 26, 2012 | by pykazani on Keek.com

This video was captured when we were having our night walk by the sea. We bought the light insufficient. Mine was the green. Dini was the pinka and Pyka was the blue one.

I was talking like a reporter. Hahaha ignore my accent.  And at this point, there were some guys that incoherent behind. 

Nov 24, 2012 | Lunch @ Gene cafe :) by pykazani on Keek.com

Lunch at Gene cafe. It was our late lunch. 

The last night before the celebration ended. The fireworks was too beautiful. After it ends, some feelings came tome saying that "This gonna be the last time having fun with them."

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