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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dear you.. I found the pieces of song that you gave me a long time ago.. I found it again..

I keep on scrolling back all our late and old conversations. I read every single words that were sent by you and were sent by me to you. I keep on clicking the 'Load more message'. It is such a tiring job cause I've to wait where would I ever found that link again. I don't know why there's still a part of me wanted to find back that link. I still remember the first preview of the video which there were a man sitting on a wooden bench in the middle of some kind of field. The camera was shooting from up till down. At first when you sent me those link, I don't even care about it cause it may not fun for me. I lied to you it was really a beautiful song and I'm thankful to you. For hours I scrolled and I found nothing. So.... I decide just to type on the search box on YT. I wrote the words that I remembered but it doesn't match anything. Since it is an old song.. Maybe there's no one would uploaded it. So..... I gave up. And today, on Tuesday, December 11 of 2012, almost two years we broke up, I found it again when I was searching for Daniel Beddingfield songs. I can't tell you how greatful and happy I am right now. 

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