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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Insecurities Accomplished.

As I travel, I learned a lot from surrounding. Girls wearing the latest fashion outfits, boys with their cool sneakers and cool shades, the skinny, the pretty, the handsome and everything that might be made someone feels INSECURE. Well, I've been always been there. Insecurites never leave by my side. It always there, trying to make me down for more and more. But then, I enjoy it. Never mind, maybe now I'm not like them. But one day In Shaa Allah, with Allah's will, Allah will hear my doa'. So, someone asked me few days ago as anon about who's the person that I got insecure with. It's nice to know that someone will asked some kind of question like that. 

I just replied it randomly. Yes I do get insecure with the skinny's one cause you know. They can fit into beautiful clothes and can match with the colors that they like. While me, wearing dark colors so that I won't look like so that fatty. HAHAHAHAHA ok even in dark colors also I looked fat. Mhm.. So.. As I was searching for diet schedule for me, I found this. 

I am so speechless. Don't you do the same way like I do? I'm 15 years old and my I'm over-weight. Eventually it make sense to know that 15 y/o girl should have weight in 46.7 kg. YES, IT MAKE SENSE. It makes me down for awhile cause there's no way that I can loose down my weight till 40 something... Mhm.. So.... Yeah... I'M OVER WEIGHT.... Ok fish this feelings. I wanna share this photo. She's my idol which every move that she take, it will make me SOOOOOO AND SOOOOOO AND SOOOOOOO INSECURE. 

Night my lovely .

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