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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I love you. You know that? I LOVE YOU.

Finished the first schedule of 2013 and returned back to the accommodation, had a simple meal, showered and laid down. Maybe it was because I was nervous and used lots of strength for the first schedule, thus I fell asleep very fast. When I became conscious, it was already 2.30am.. only came to realize too late that a lot of time has passed by. I laid back trying to get back to sleep.. about 10 minutes passed by?  The sign of the loads of water which I drank during the concert because it was very hot and I used so much voice during then, was like returning back to the world again, so I hurriedly went to the toilet and washed up? With light steps, I returned back towards my bed.

In the early morning, I hit my head on the bedside table for the lamp between the beds, and I fell flat on the floor. It was so painful that I couldn’t even let out my voice. then I screamed and rolled on the floor in the dark alone. Thinking back, it was really very funny so I laughed….that leaves me another scar on my arm. I slept again. All thanks to that, I had a bump on my head….even though it is not that visible as it is hidden under my hair..

I actually like dark things so the room/interior was in pitch black with no lights on, on that day too, I had to feel my way back towards my bed to reach it. I reached my bed and just like in the AEON CF, I jumped and landed softly, buried my face into the pillow, and wanted to try to fall asleep again… And that was just my wishful thinking. Usually the company would arrange for a double bed but this was a twin bed so…it was just jumping from the space between the two beds.

I’m thinking how funny I am in this new year.. If there was an infrared light camera installed then, I wanted to see it once again…. This morning, I applied the toner which stylist gave it to me, on my face, it wasn’t the spray type but jet-spray type, so the toner were used on my eyes. This year is really a year to look forward to.. euhahahahaha

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