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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sunrise, Sunset Part II

My first April Wish accomplished. I never expect anything like this kind of surprise from them. I am really thankful. Even though it hurt my pride like a lot, cause early in the morning I was crying so hard cause I didn't even get a single wish from my girls, but thank you classmates. Thank you, thank you to all of you who'd wish for my birthday. It's kinda hard for me to go trough a morning till noon cause they push me away. I don't know. And I was crying really hard over Alia Azmi who had been the great and the best actress that I've ever known. I just can't believe that she was acting like in a real drama. Thank you Syed Omar for leading the whole class to sing-along the Happy Birthday song. You guys rock my world. And last but not least, I would like to thank you to my girls for doing a great surprise for me. I've never get a great surprise like this before. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Words can't describe on how much I love you guys. 

 Birthday Surprise. I'm so happy!

Letters from the classmates. 

I admit, this is the lovely letters that I've ever received. I'm touched when I read this. And I don't hav ethe courage anymore to try to read again cause I know once I read it once again, my heart is pounding fast. 

Birthday card from the girls :*

"Happy Birthday Eza. Jangan sedih-sedih and be strong. Jangan sakitkan diri sendiri disebabkan sesuatu benda, okay? Stay pretty. I love you" - Nur Dini Syahmina.

"Happy Birthday Eza. Stay pretty :) I love you :*" - Balqis Afiqah Syamira.

"Eza, I love you to the max" - Syafiqah Razani.

"Dear Eza, Happy birthday Eza. Jangan nangis dah.. Stay healthy (makan tau) Stay wealthy, stay strong! We loves you. Jangan nak insecure sangat ok ;) May Allah bless you." - Alia Azmi.

"Eza, Happy Birthday! Stay strong!" - Edzureen Yani.

"Eza! Happy Birthday awak, take care okay? Janganlah sedih-sedih ok? Kitaorang semua sayang awak." 

A Happy Birthday video. 

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