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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The boy I first met while I was jogging. Does it make any sense?

It happened last year. While I was walking up the hill of the road. The time when I passed beside that one person, it gave me that kind of feeling where butterflies occupied in my stomach. I don't know why, but I feel very comfortable with it. There he is, a guy with a red shirt, dark blue short pants and a pair of red sports shoes. He was wearing an earphone. He was running down the road. I keep on bumped into him almost everyday. Then one day I start to stop jogging and just workout at home. I was playing with the skipping rope jumping at the porch. At first I didn't realize he was running, then when I stopped skipping trying to gasp for air, I saw him running continuously beside of my house; well my house is a corner lot. So yeah. I don't know why but everytime I saw him passed my house I would hide and then when he's gone I skip again. I didn't say that I didn't like but in fact, I do... like it. I've introduced one of my girls to him, and she said "Yeah, okay lah. He got the looks. But isn't he looked like Chinese?"

So, after the new year's begun, I rarely saw him. If I do, it would be on Friday till Sunday. Well, sometimes he avoided me when he saw me. He would go for the other directions. It hurts, actually. I know I'm not pretty. Now, I only saw him Sunday. If I'm lucky, I would see him in any days. I jog almost everyday. Except if it is raining or I fall asleep. The most exciting is, today I met him once again after a long time. I thought he's going to avoid me but then he ran just beside me. Which he rarely do. I was smiling ears to ears! And past last three days, he surprised me when all of sudden he jogged past my house. I jog passed trough him for several times today, and I wonder. Doesn't he knows that he is so cute and hot?

"I know people might think that I'm crazy. I know people might think that it is  very impossible to fall in love or having a crush just by seeing on the streets. I know who I am and I know I don't deserve anyone. But having a crush is the most memorable moments that I've ever had."

All I wanted is, I want to know his name, where he lived, how old is he, if he is in high school, which school did he go. I want to know if he already have a girlfriend, what religion he is cause sometimes when I looked him I thought he is Chinese and sometimes I thought he is Malay. Conclusion, I want to get to know him. 

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