A narcoleptic, insecure, sad, cold. Eza, 19.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I hate you mentally and purely and deeply.

I hate when people starts to stare at me and gives that look whenever I starts to eat. I mean like, the face that they show asking me to stop eating and their faces would have this kind of inner sides where in their heart says 'omg, you're eating' or 'you eat too much' or 'look at your body, you're getting fat and you tend to eat happily?' or 'why aren't you stop eating? you're bloody fat!'. I hate that kind of people. Why being so judgemental? Does it even effect you with anything like if I eat, are you the one who's gaining weight? Just shut the hell up. You don't even know anything. You don't know that I've been starving my heck up just to be skinny and I can't take it no more and I want to fill my stomach with  foods and then when you see me eat, you give the disgust look and tell me to stop eating!? I'm sick with all these people. Don't you know that it hurts? Oh sorry, you don't know and you will never understand a person like me. Yes, I'm overweight even my tuition teacher told me that last week but at least, I'm trying to kill this fats every evening.

Frankly, it hurts my pride and it burns my inner heart when people say I'm fat. I can read someone face when they look at me, and I can tell that all they want to make a conversation with me is about 'you're fat.'

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