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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Real feelings don't change fast, aren't they?

Unknown: You love him?

Me: Yes.

Unknown: He knows you?

Her: No.

Unknown: Then, how did you fall in love with him?

Her: When I first saw him. I don't know what I feel, but he is so attractive. At first, I'm not all over him. But when I know all about him, I start to fall for him.

Unknown: Are you sure about how you feel?

Her: Yes, absolutely. It's been two years now. Real feelings don't change fast, right?

Unknown: But its impossible. You know him, but he didn't know you. You love him for two years now, but he didn't even know your feelings.

Her: That's alright, I'm getting use to it.

Unknown: Are you really sure you're gonna meet him or be with him?

Her: Yes, every day and night, I pray.

Unknown: You're crazy.

Her: I'm not. I love him, and I have the feelings that one day he'll know. God hears me, He listens to every scream in my heart. I have faith on him. I have the hopes. No one can burn my hopes down. If it is meant to be, it will. If not, I'll just have to move on even if it takes forever. But for me, I'll wait till the day I said to myself "I give up."

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