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Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Second year Friendship Day!

It's been a long time we had all been together. Trough ups and downs, Alhamdulillah we still have the sense that protecting this friendship is the most important things in life. Maybe in the next 2 or 5 years in the future, we won't be able to be together just like this due to our studies, social own life, work or maybe in a relationship. May things had happened, and the things comes from ourselves. Fights. Fights between us is what making us stronger day by day. Trough fights, we flashback all the good times and the beautiful rainbow of memories that we spent together. I just hope that we won't get bored with each other in the future. Friends till Akhirah, get it?


Edrialissa Ed Azmir;
Sweetheart, sorry for making you feel all screwed up with my attitudes. I push you away, yes I admit. Sorry for that. But deep in my heart, even you were there for me, and we build this friendship together when we were only 13 until now, to be honest, I still don't know you. I still don't know your inner hearts. It's not because I don't care or I'm afraid but it's because you are so secretive. You keep all those feelings inside and let me question you every single time but your answer still remain the same; I'm fine, there's nothing happening to me. So the conclusion came up to my mind. Even you rarely speak, but I feel very comfortable with you in a silence way. We just sit next to each other without talking and look at our surrounding. Since you've gone beside me, I'm a bit lost. And I turn exactly just like you, silent.

Syafiqah Razani;
Darling, you know I am so thankful that I met you. You're the first person that pull me out from feeling lonely when I was 13. Remember when you talk to me for the first time? I thought we're just gonna have the conversations in class but Alhamdulillah, that day still go on till today. Being with you is like my favorite kind of thing. I don't have much to say, because I've tell you how greatful am I to met you.

Dini Syahmina;
Babe, you're like my laughing machine! Thank you for every compliments that you gave to me. I am so delightful to hear it. Thank you for supporting me in everything that I do. Thank you for being there when I need you. May we stick together like this till Akhirah.

Alia Azmi;
Hey there. Yaya, I am so glad that I met you. I am so glad that I'm finally to get close with you. I am so thankful to be there beside you. To be honest, you're the one who successfully pull me out from drowning into the water. You never stops to try, bringing me back to whom I used to be. I hope that what you did to me was not a force because we're in the same class. You keep on telling me fights with monsters inside my head. You witnesses my swollen eyes, my pain, and my scars. You never stops to give up. Thank you for being strong to be able get me out of the mess.

Dzarith Miersya:
My entertainer of Korean partners! Miersya, thank you for everything. Thank you for everything that you had done to me. I am glad to be able stick with you until now. Thank you for introducing me to Running Man! And the Korean foods that you made, please do it for me again. I want it like so badly. I don't know what is the name of the dishes, but I think you know it. Pin on your bucket list that we have to go to a kpop concert in our lifetime!

Edzureen Yani;
Zureen, mhm. To be honest, it takes two years for me to be able to accept you in my life. It's not because I don't like you but, there's a lot of rumours about you saying that you are like this, like that. May be I'm too dumb to believe it. So one day I ask myself, this thing won't get better if I don't give a chance to you. And Alhamdulillah, now I know that all I have to do is accept you just the way you are. Thank you for understanding when I feel down. Thank you Zureen.

Balqis Afiqah;
Balqis, thank you for lighting up my whole day with your silly jokes. I can't help it but laugh everytime you open your mouth. Remember the day that we decide to be friends? Out of all the girls, you're the longest friends that I have be friend. Thank you for being there when I need you. All the good deeds that you do to me, to us, will be remember till the day that we die. I love you.

To Myself;
Eza, no matter how hard the things that you go trough, remember that if you wanna laugh you can find your friends. Share what you feel, what you think. It's okay to keep a secret about something. But tell them when the ask. If it is too hard for you explain, just smile and tell them that ''I'm strong enough, don't worry." Do what you like and love. Don't let anybody ruins it or take it away from you. Seek for help when you need, and be there when someone needs your help. It's okay to let anxiety all over you. It's okay to let depression comes and visit. It's not a bad thing though. It's a grown up thing.

Let's grow old together. Let's have kids together. Let's be a mother to our children together. Let's do all the mom's thing always do when we were married. Let's blow our candle together in the future. Let's be good friends till our last breath. In Sha Allah.

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