A narcoleptic, insecure, sad, cold. Eza, 19.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Just for one day.

"Look if there's any boat at the ocean at night. If there is a boat with lights in it, tomorrow there will be a beautiful sun will rise. No matter how good the weather it is at night, if there's no boat and lights with it tomorrow the sun will rise but it will rise with the storm."

Who doesn't like the beach? The best scenery that every person can't express how they feel just by hearing the sound of the waves, the sandiness of the sand, the breathtaking atmosphere, and the most beautiful scenery that a person can have that will stay forever in their eyes, mind and heart is by witnessing the sun rise, and the sun sets. At night, you will always blown away by the wind of waves, sitting on the sand and look up at the dark night skies wondering if tomorrow does the sun really will sets beautifully? 

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