A narcoleptic, insecure, sad, cold. Eza, 19.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Can I get trough this?

"Waiting for the flowers to bloom is so exciting. I can sit all day long just to see how they bloom, how they die, how they live again and bloom. Just like me, I'm waiting for the moment where I can bloom beautifully without any scars, and then die without a regret and blooms again to see a new world. The most important, I will be able to see you. Again."

This is just so heartbreaking. You should have just be honest to it. You should tell. There's no need to hide. It's just too hard for me to accept it. Too hard. I don't know what is happening to me, what is turning me into, what I feel, what I fear a lot. But this is just too much. It's just break me, really really break me. My tears starts to shed, just by thinking about it. I keep on telling myself that it isn't true because you never tell the truth. But these days, you starts to reveal the truth. The truth that really hurt me. 

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