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Monday, December 2, 2013

Pictures none for today; 2/12/2013

Had a great time with some of the classmates. Even for the very last minute make up mind, I've been enjoying it really well. Hunger Games Catching Fire was really great and beyond unexpected. Thought it's gonna be boring because I thought Katniss character has to fight again for the second battle. Haha lol why did I think in that way? And what cheers me up is I know now what it taste like of gimbap. It's a Korean food and I thought to give it a try. I thought it's gonna taste bad or just like sushi or what so ever but don't judge by just looking at it. It does really  have a pleasant taste! 12 pieces after cut down. I ate only 10 pieces and the rest I gave it to Paul, my boy friend. He's been to Korea for a trip and I think he misses the taste of Korean food while he was staying there. Day spent well! 

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