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Thursday, February 20, 2014


When someone comes up to you asking for help, stop giving ways to the mentality of consuming ''you only look for me when you are in trouble.'' Well, as for me, I realize that its a bad thing to think that way cause we do not know what is happening towards the person who's asking for help. Maybe, he/she comes up to you after so much wandering around asking for help and no one wants to help him/her and you are the last hope. So why not just help and gives the last shot. Your kindness may not be forgotten just after 5 seconds. Maybe after you help someone whose in need, that person will probably thinks of you and thought ''today is my day. day after tomorrow is yours, maybe i'll be the one who helps you next.'' If you still think that kind of person who only seeks for you just for help is bad, its up to you. But you'll never know what's in someone's heart right? I am not that good to judge everyone but its just my opinion and I've been labelled as ''i only finds my friends when i'm in trouble.'' But people change and since I've seen so many people act that way, its time to realize that mayhem other people is not right. I believe in what I did bad, I will get a payback one day. Just wait for the time to arrive. Maybe tomorrow, what I've said today I didn't meant anything but human always makes mistakes. Ever heard, stumble, fall, then get up? Itu semua lumrah hidup.

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