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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Ezza Ezzati. You are now officially 17!

Do you have this kind sort of feelings where you're waiting for a day that is so meaningful and special towards you? You don't even know how to describe it but you're waiting for the day that could make your life in every year so memorable. Well, let me tell you. I have this kind of feelings where I felt it like one week before ''this'' day would come. The best day that you expect in your life which you can be happy, a lot of attentions you'll get from your loves one, receiving greetings and things that you expect you'll never get. What I mean is, the day that you were born. The day that gives you the remembrance where ''hey its my born day, happy birthday to me!'' 

What I'm trying to say is, today is my birthday. I don't know what to feel and what to do. It came too fast. A lot of things I wish could happen like what I want. But I guess it will never, never, never happen. I wish to throw a birthday party for myself. But you know, my parents are busy. And they'll just gives their greetings and kisses and hugs. And then the day would pass through just like that. It saddens me, kinda. Cause my parents used to celebrate me and the brothers birthday. With cakes, spending our time together. Taking photographs and all that. But it was before. When we were little and now we are a grown up children. So there's nothing to feel regret. Enough with just the kisses and hugs and wishing. 

If I have the chance to say what I want for a day, I wish that I can get a lot of surprises and presents and yes, its just a dream. Sigh. But whatever it is, Happy Birthday Ezza! Lets give your best shot in SPM. Kata nak pergi belajar overseas kan? So, rajinkanlah diri okay. Alhamdulillah, I'm officially 17. Thank you Allah for giving me the sithe till today. 

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