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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Subway train, where I start to realise II

I woke up to the scent of my Ummi's cooking for breakfast. I stood up and walked to the window pane and opened the shutter one by one so that the morning breeze comes in. I heard some of the birds chirping. I love that muse. Actually, I woke up this morning around 5.30 to perform Subuh. Maybe I was too tired completing my task last night, I dozed off without I realise. I'm still in my kain pelekat, long sleeves shirt and my ketayap. Without seconds thought, I quickly take off in me and showered myself. Just as I done, I pick the best clothes for today which is grey and blue tie and a slack of black trousers. I went down after I'm done and found my Ummi was setting the table. With a smile on her face;

"Good morning, Haiqal. Kata nak pergi jogging but I saw you went back to sleep."

"I am so tired lah Ummi. The task that I'm working still haven't finish yet."

"Kenapa tak siapkan je sekali terus?"


"Its okay, don't overwork too much. Jom makan."

Ummi shoved me a glass of orange juice and then I immadietly took a sip.

"Mana Abah?"

"He went out to buy newspaper and some kuih. Sekejap lagi balik."

I nodded and took a scoop of Kueh Teow Goreng that Ummi prepared. Just as I put the spoons in, Abah gave his salaam. I greeted back and went up on him to take the news and kuih.

"I saw you working late last night. You cukup tidur tak?"

Abah asked me as I sat down.

"Lack of sleep a little bit. But I'm fine."

"Itulah, abah suruh kahwin tak nak."

I choked the food inside my mouth. I keep on coughing and Ummi help me by giving a pat and some plain water.

"Eh? Sentap ke?"

Ummi teased me. Abah laughs.

"Macam mana abang nak kahwin kalau girlfriend pun tak ada."

Just then, one out of my two sisters came down the stairs and gave her sarcastic jokes.

"Kalau tak ada calon, Ummi boleh carikan."

My two sisters sat down around the table. Ummi took her seat beside Abah and while helping my two sisters with the breakfast.

"Apa ni pagi-pagi lagi dah cakap pasal kahwin. I still need to find money."

"Duit apa lagi yang nak dicari kalau awak tu dah cukup kaya dan berkemampuan nak beristeri, nak berumah."

Abah snapped. 

"Abah, I know but.."

"Tak ada calon lagi kan?"

Ummi interrupted. Abah and Ummi laughs.

"No lah, I didn't say that I don't have any choices."

Abah forward himself to the table.

"Haiqal, you are grown up now. In fact, you are the CEO of the insurance company that you're working now. Takkan tak ada yang melekat dekat kamu."

I stare on my parents face. That's when I realise, I did find a girl. A mysterious girl that I haven't figure it out yet. That girl, yes, that girl.


"Sue, help me to get the files that I asked you yesterday, thank you."

I continued my work and suddenly my cell phone rang.


I picked up without looking at the screen but I gave my salaam. 

"Waalaikummussalam. Haiqal, Ummi ni. Its been 20 minutes I waited for you. Where are you?"

I glance at my clock table.

"Ya Allah, Ummi. I forgot. Give me 10 minutes. I'll be there."

I hung up the phone. And took all the stuffs that I needed and headed to the restaurant that Ummi and I promised. It was quite pack because it was lunch time.

"What took you so long? Lupa ke?"

"Maaf Ummi, Haiqal tak perasan. Ummi dah order?"

"Dah. I've ordered yours too."

She smiled. Just then when I was glancing outside the window as we sat near the roads pathway, I heard a familiar voice and the fragrance that I really miss since the last time I smelled it.

"Aunty apa khabar? Lama tak jumpa!"

I turned my head around and saw a body figure of a women that wears baju kurung. The turquoise and pink combinations fits her white and milky skins. I look up on her face and was stunned by her side face. On thing on my mind, is she the same girl that I've met few weeks ago?

"Laila, did you know my son? This is Haiqal."

Ummi and that women turned around their head on me. That time my eyes totally fixed on hers. I couldn't move nor breath. Its like she's soaking me into her eyes and flew me away. I don't even know where is the ground. 

"Are you the man that----.."

Just then Ummi sense something suspicious. She looked at me and then went back to Laila.

"Laila, why don't you have your lunch with us?"

Laila looked at Ummi and then went back at me. With shutter voice plus nervous;

"Sure, I'm alone. Why not---?"

She took the seat beside my Ummi. I was directly facing my Ummi and her. Oh God, what is these feeling!? 

"So, you two have met?"

Ummi asked looking at both of us.

"Sort of. We.. bumped at the subway station."

Laila replied and at the end of the answers, she tips a smile. TO FREAKING ME!

"Really? Wow, it must have been a great meet for the first time, am I right?"

Without I realise, Ummi was giving that look to me. I looked at her and shook my head off. I know, Ummi was seeing me blushing. She knows what I feel, right now. There she is, again. Sitting beside my lovely Ummi. Wearing that baju kurung of hers, just melted my heart. How possible it could be a such beauty girl is staring at me with her pair hazel brown eyes? Ya Allah, give me strength!

"Well, yes. It was a great meeting for the first time."

She replied again. The smile of hers, really sweeps me off the ground like the first time. I'm a guy, and I swear I've never felt this way. Even I've been falling in love for several times, but its not the same like this. The love at the first sight that I've been wishing for a long time finally hits me. Like in the movie, playing the slow motions scene, I'm looking at her eyes, nose, and lips. Her politeness towards my Ummi was beyond amazing. She lowed down her head when she starts to speak. She covers her mouth and lips when she laughs. Her courtesy, oh my, its like one in a million!


The first time that I met her, flashing back through at the back of my mind. I told myself, I love her. I told Ummi, I love her. I told Abah I love her. But I didn't tell her that I love her, yet. I'm afraid. The fears keep on haunting me. The fears of rejecting, I can't bear it. 

"If you like her, masuk meminang."

Ummi's voice broke my daydreaming. I quickly sat up as I was lying down on the bed and just stared at the ceiling. Ummi came in, with a glass of milk on her her palm and smiles at me. 


"But what? Dia budak baik. I know her parents."

"Ummi, mana lah tahu dia dah ada boyfriend ke, tunang ke, suami ke."

"Benda tu semua dari awal lagi Ummi dah siasat."

Ummi really wants me to get married! 

"Haiqal.. Haiqal segan lah."

"Segan apa? Just set up another date with her. Kenal dulu, lepas tu kalau on, Ummi terus masuk meminang."

"Ish Ummi ni. Janganlah macam ni. Who knows dia tak nak dekat Haiqal."

I took a sip on my milk and put it down on the lamp table beside the bed. Ummi gracefully grab my hands and put on her lap.

"The way you look at her, and the way she looks at you, was like the way me and Abah look at each other. I see the happiness, the love."

I keep on lending my ears to what Ummi was talking.

"Get to know her, then tell what you feel, then Ummi masuk meminang."

Ummi was quite a tease. She laughs like a feather tickles on her sole.

"Are you sure she looks at me like the way I did?"

"Yes, obviously. Ummi nak dia jadi menantu Ummi. Tapi kalau tak ada jodoh, cari yang lain."

She pats on the back of my palm. Then she smile. The old face of her, I will never get tired of it. Sometimes, I told myself, would be today the last time that I could see her living face? Melancholy hits me everytime. At the same time, I was hoping, Laila, are you like my precious Ummi?


I was sweating, like I was bakar-ing lemang. The cold sweats, flows down from my head. I quickly wipe it out. Then I look up, smiling, seeing Laila approaching me. I wore the bestest smile that I have. The ways she walks, so sophisticated. Her curly hair placed nicely on her head. 

"I'm going to be the man that will be the first who sees you covering your head for the first time. And for me only, I can see the beauty inside of you."

I whispered to my heart. She stopped walking, and standing in front of me. 

"I need to tell you something."

She walked to the nearest bench and sits. I followed her, and settles down too. 

"Remember the first time we met?"

I nodded. 

"From that moment, I just wished that I would want to have the second chance to meet you again. Even tho you're a bit clumsy, but there's something about you that attracts me."

It was like a jackpot. It was like winning something that is really big in your life. I swear, Allah answered my prayers about her.

"Then, I got it. The second chance was beyond what I expected. I met your Ummi. I never thought that a friend of my mother is your mother."

She turned her head to me. 

"I fall in love."

I widened my eyes. Couldn't believe it. 

"I fall in love too."

I cut what she's trying to say further. I don't want her to be the first to confess. I want me, the first one.

"With you."

A great memories of me and her hovered my mind. It was a great moment that I've had. And now, what I'm having right now, is really a truely, blessing, miracle, fate, and destiny. I came back to my sense, when my eyes locked at her beautiful figure starts to walking down the aisle. That's the first time, I sees her wearing hijab. The white clothes that envelope her body attracts me. I could only see her eyes, like the first time. The eyes, that made me fall in love. There's no word that I could express, I am so freaking nervous. I change my view towards her father. He smiles, and pat softly on my shoulders. It's like a sign. 

"Take care of my daughter, treat her like a Queen if you want to be King. After all this time, she's been my second love after my wife. Now, I let go of her, and give her to you. Cherish her, Haiqal."

Sort of like that. Laila sits on her corner, with my Ummi on her right side, and my mother in-law on her left side. From that moment, I know its the beginning. Its starting, right now. I'm going to cherish her for the rest of my life, with Allah's permission. I'm going to treat her like Abah treated Ummi, like my father-in-law treated her as his second love. I promised. I look at her for the last time before its starting, then I look at Tok Qadi, and Laila's wali.


I nodded.

I grabbed Laila's father-in-law's hand. 

"Aku nikahkan dikau..." 

Written by: Eza Ezzati
Ideas and illustrated: Eza Ezzati.
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