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Friday, July 18, 2014

Tough year, Malaysians.


I just couldn't believe what just happened. 298 passengers including the crew members were killed in a such tragic incident. All of them were on board flying back to Malaysia. What saddens me a lot is, all the Malaysians people on board was returning home, to see their homeland. I can't imagine if it was me on that plane. Imagine the last moment before crashing down on thousandths feet off the ground. Looking at the pictures of the family member crying over the dead families really touched my heart. All that I could do for now is pray for their souls. It is really a tough year Malaysia, stay strong. Allah is testing us not with war that happened in Palestine and Syria. Allah is reminding us that only Him that could make things turns from impossible to possible. Kunfayakun, if He do it, He will. This is the beginning. May we all be cautious with what we're doing that could make Him upset with us. To the Palestinian  and Syrian  brothers and sisters, my du'a will always with you. May Allah grant us a winning soon. 

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