A narcoleptic, insecure, sad, cold. Eza, 19.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Reminiscing back things that I thought I would never leave behind makes me wonder how a feelings can change in the matter of time. Thanks to you, I learn that I will always hold back my feelings towards someone no matter how hard it is trying to held back and I wanna just shout out on top of my lungs. You, who used to be my mused are no longer the rhythm that I would listen to all day and night. You, who used to be the title in every poem that I wrote are no longer the words of how I felt. You, the person that I choose to fall in love opened my eyes that no matter how deeply in love I am with someone, if things aren't doing fine, God will never make us be together.

Hi anxiety, its been such a long time since we talk. I just would like to say that things are changing and I think I'm getting better because I tried as hard as I can to keep on pushing myself from behind to the top that I will never lose to you. But if there a days where I feels like we need to talk, we will talk. Maybe that is the only way for me to survived. To always have you beside me but no, you will never break through this walls that I've been working on.

College life. What can I say? Its happening so fast and I can't even take a proper breathing learning new things, making new friends, trying to open up myself with confidence towards people and most importantly I'm so stressed out with the works that I've got to do. I just wanna sleep. That is all matters.

Bitterly lonely.

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